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Industrial Economics

Chapter one: Introduction pdf_1, pdf_2pdf_3

Chapter Two: The Theory of the Firms pdf 2_1 pdf 2_2, pdf 2_3, pdf 2_4

Chapter Three: Market Concentration pdf_3_1, pdf_3_2

Chapter Four: Industrial Location Analysis pdf_4_1, pdf_4_2, pdf_4_3

Chapter Five: Analysis of Firm Structure pdf_5_1, pdf_5_2

Chapter Six: Diversification, Integration and Merger pdf_6_1, pdf_6_2

Chapter Seven: Advertisement pdf_7_1, pdf_7_2, pdf_7_3

Chapter Eight: Technological Progress pdf_8_1, pdf_8_2, pdf_8_3

Individual Assignment

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Research method for Economists

Econ 2063

Chapter one: Introduction pdf_1

Chapter Two: Formulation of Research Problem and Hypothesis pdf_2

Chapter three: Research Design pdf_3

Chapter four: Census and Sample Investigation pdf_4

Chapter five: Data Collection Techniques pdf_5

Chapter six & seven: Data Processing and Analysis/Writing the Research Report pdf_6&7

Individual Assignment

References Book One, Book Two, Book Three

Microeconomics I

Econ 2021

Chapter one: Theory of consumer behaviour and demand pdf_1

Chapter two: Choice Under Uncertainty pdf_2

Chapter three: Theory of Production pdf_3

Chapter four: Theory of Cost pdf_4

Chapter five & six: Perfect Competition Market/Pure Monopoly Market pdf_5&6

References Book one, Book Two, Book Three, Book Four, Book Five, Book Six, Book Seven, Book Eight